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Post-Partum Body

So there is this thing called the "snap-back" after having a baby. I keep getting told that my "snap-back" is amazing... yada yada did I do it? Heres how...

First of all I am a personal trainer. So getting back to the gym and eating healthy are things that I already love doing! I felt weird not being able to be in the gym and lift the way I was used to lifting. Those first 6 weeks post-partum are long to say the least. However, in this blog I am going to share with you some KEY factors as to how my "snap-back" was so on point.

Factor Number 1:

I was training pre/during/ AND post pregnancy! I have always chosen to live a healthy lifestyle and guess what's true; living a healthy life now pays off for those later years. Pregnancy was so much easier going in with an already fit body. Not for appearance reasons, but for everything else. I was stronger both mentally and physically for my baby and pregnancy journey. I have always known the advantages of living a healthy lifestyle. After being pregnant I know that being healthy prior to getting pregnant was definitely a game changer!

If you are planning to have a baby or currently are pregnant, trying to stay as active as possible is a must. Now for those of you on a high risk pregnancy and restricted to bed rest, can make smarter decisions as far as what you eat.

Factor Number 2:

I was mindful to what I ate during pregnancy! Okay, news flash just because you are pregnant does not mean EAT WHATEVER YOU WANT. It also doesn't mean to be careful what you eat because of the weight gain. I chose this route called "balance". There has to be balance and when I was pregnant I didn't eat only organic and I did eat ice cream, but I also didn't eat just to eat. The term "eating for two" has gone too far. See actually you only need about 300 extra calories per day when pregnant. But MOST of us are not eating enough calories for ourself even when we aren't pregnant! Crazy right!

The amount of calories we need per day is a lot when you eat the RIGHT foods. A bag of French fries could potentially be two different healthy meals worth the same amount of calories. I just try to make the healthiest choice MOST of the time.

Many women asked me how did I fight the cravings that came along with pregnancy. NOT EASILY is my answer haha. I gave into cravings of course but I tried to make better craving choices and portion sizes are KEY! Also having the mindset of already fighting cravings pre-pregnancy helped so much.

Factor Number 3:

After I was cleared from my doctor at the 6 week post-partum check up, I wrote a plan. A plan to get my version of "snap-back" back. I wrote a plan that I would follow and complete to not only get my body back, but even better than before! I am currently on that plan now. I am writing an ebook of it for all of you! 😁

Now I know everyones pregnancy and bodies are different! This I understand. Which is why not everyone can do the same things and eat the same way. We must know our bodies and work with what we got. I love writing plans for women, pregnant or not! If you are interested in the ebook it will be out soon! Please message down below or email me if you would like to start training with me asap on a personalized plan! Lets get you started! 😁



~Mama Rocki ❤️

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