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Working out with the "Bump"

So I have talked about how working out while pregnant has so many benefits, both during and after pregnancy. However, there are some adjustments that need to be made. Always make sure you are cleared by your OBGYN to either continue working out or start working out when you find out you are pregnant.

Just as in working out when not pregnant, working out while expecting has safe ways for you and baby. Although there are no set rules on how much is really "too much" the number one rule I always stick to when training clients or myself is: LISTEN to your body! Your body will tell you when "too much is too much."A good way to test this is by paying attention to your breathing. If you can hold a conversation while you are training then you are okay. If you are out of breathe, you may need to tone it down a few notches.

If you are just starting to workout, start off just walking and doing very light training. You don't really want to start anything "new"once you have become pregnant. Any new stress could be harmful to you and your baby. If you were previously working out, continue at your regular pace and training. Just make sure to make adjustments as the weeks go by!

Being a personal trainer; I workout all the time. I am constantly moving and on my feet. So training for me while pregnant has been good but trust me I have felt the changes. I have to slow down at times and remind myself that my body is going through a lot. I get tired a lot faster and have to take longer breaks in between reps. I have to switch up workouts and positions because some movements don't feel the same thanks to this basketball that I have under my shirt! lol But I ALWAYS feel so much better after working out! It must be all the happy endorphins that get released after physical activity. So I know thanks to training, my lucky fiancé doesn't get AS many of the possible mood swings lol. I know my baby and body are benefiting from continuing to train and continuing to eat healthy throughout my pregnancy! I know it will help me during labor as well as my postpartum recovery! It is actually pretty funny; when I train I am noticing more and more that when I stop moving, he kicks me! I like to think of it as motivation to keep going! Thanks Son! lol

In need of a workout for today?

Try my "back" focused session today!

  • Warm-up on treadmill: incline 10 pace 3.0mph for 10min.

  • Stretch!!!!!

  • Wide grip lat pull-downs: 4 sets of 20 reps

  • Isolated cable rows single arm: 4 sets of 15 each arm

  • Narrow grip lat pull-downs: 4 sets of 20 reps

  • Dumbbell rows (using bench for support): 4 sets of 15 each arm

  • Seated cable rows: Using narrow grip handle and squeezing for 2 seconds before releasing 4 sets of 20 reps

  • Supported pull-ups: 4 sets till failure (of as many as you can do)

End with cardio of your choice! Make sure you are drinking plenty of water throughout the day and throughout the workout! I now know that going to the bathroom really sucks during training however the excess water is necessary for both you and baby! So don't skimp on it!

I hope you all are enjoying your Tuesday!

~Mama Rocki ❤️

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