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You're pregnant and still working out?! WHY?!

Ever since I became pregnant a lot of people have been surprised that I am still working out. WHY?! We are pregnant not powerless. Working out and exercising is great for you when you are expecting! As long as you are cleared by your doctor to continue working out, do it! Times have changed and the old style of the pregnant woman doing nothing all day are over!

I do feel exhausted some days and better others, so I train accordingly. Any movements I was previously doing before my pregnancy days are still okay (with the exception of a few) and safe for me to practice. I have lowered the wait that I lift and the intensity according to how I feel each day. I listen to my body and my baby because they tell me when too much is too much!

Working out can increase your energy when pregnant and lets be real us preggos need all the energy that we can get! I have given up caffeine completely and some days coffee sounds amazing. However even though my motivation can be hard to find when headed to the gym I always feel so much better after I go.


1) Labor and delivery can be easier, as well as recovering after giving birth.

2) You are more likely to gain less weight. (Although gaining weight is good, too much weight can not be good).

3) Your mood is usually better after working out. We have a lot of hormones when pregnant ladies and anything I can do to help tame those..I will do! lol

4) Your baby is born more healthy and less likely to become over weight or have diabetes.

5) Your body is more likely to hurt less or swell less than if you do not workout! (less back aches, less swollen legs/feet).

Ladies just remember that when working out while pregnant it is okay to slow down and it is okay to start from the very basics. We are all at different stages in life and each pregancy is VERY different!! So do NOT compare yourself to others but rather compare yourself to yourself! Meaning what can you do today that you didn't do yesterday, to better your lifestyle and the lifestyle of that sweet little bundle of joy inside you? It is all about you two and this beautiful journey that you are on together! Mama and baby...or as I like to put it Muscles and my mini muscles!

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