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37 weeks preggo...let's talk health and diet!

The baby is officially in position to exit! His head is turned down! It is crazy watching your belly drop but the beautiful thing is being able to breathe a little better now! haha Bad thing is now I have to use the restroom twice as much as if I thought that were even possible.

Although I have been exercising throughout my pregnancy, I haven't been hitting the gym as hard as I would like to lately because hey, my body is going through a lot. Not to mention making sure this nursery room is ready is somewhat stressful! But it is all done now!

I have gained a total of 24 pounds so far which is a great healthy amount! On top of working out, I have been eating healthy, but I have not been "dieting" as some may think. I choose what to eat wisely not only for myself but for my baby as well! I want him to be healthy so of course I am going to try and eat as healthy as possible. I do let myself have the occasional sweet here and there when I want something.

I have not used being "pregnant" as an excuse to eat whatever I want, whenever I want it. It is a reason to not do just that! Self-control and determination play a big role in staying focused on being healthy when pregnant. But what better motivation then your own child! A good question to always ask yourself when changing your diet habits is, "Yes I want it, but do I need it?" The answer is "NO!" You don't need it! Not everyone can be submerged into a full on diet. It's hard for sure. But in order to get closer to a healthier lifestyle making small changes at a time and having small goals and sticking to them is a much easier way to start!

5 Small Starter Tips to a Healthier Lifestyle:

  1. Write down your one month goals. "For one month I will.."

  2. Rearrange your fridge and pantry. Put all of the sugar and unhealthy items in the back out of sight (if you even have to have them in there in the first place) and bring all of the healthy bright color items to the front (fruits, veggies, etc.).

  3. Make a gym schedule for the one month or each week. This way you make time to actually schedule the gym, rather than saying, "I didn't have time today...".

  4. Do not buy unnecessary grocery items like the Ben and Jerrys you love or that candy bar at the check out line. Grab a fruit you like or some sugar free gum at the check out.

  5. Stop comparing your current self with others. Most people on social media who have amazing bodies have been training those bodies for years. If you are just starting that is okay! Tell yourself this is your new beginning and go from there! Change will happen you just have to want it!

If you are interested in having me coach you into a healthier lifestyle email me at and get started with my one month online program!!! Feel free to email me with any questions you may have and if there is anything you want me to address in the next blog tell me below in the comments!

Have a great day!

~ Mama Rocki

Above: Thin whole wheat bagel with hummus, avocado, tomato, red onion and a whole egg. Fresh cracked pepper to taste. Great snack!

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