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6 Tips For Bringing Baby Home To Your Dog!

Hi there! So this is a quick post that I had a request for doing! As many of you know if you follow me on IG: (@mama_rocki) we have two very large dogs. A Rottweiler named Laila (Lay-luh I know we spell it weird) and a Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) named Apollo. Anyways they are huge. We however like to make sure our dogs are the sweetest dogs to all the humans especially the ones in the house. So when we found out we were expecting our son, here are the things we did prior to and when bringing baby home...

TIP #1:

Make sure your dog knows all of his/her key commands. Stay, come, down, sit, etc. These are key for any dogs BUT especially when you have a new baby coming in.

TIP #2:

Start playing baby noises for your dog! Crying, laughing, screaming, baby music! All of it! This way your pup can figure out how to react to the noises now, instead of hearing them for the first time and then wondering how they are going to react.

TIP #3:

Dogs can usually sense that something big is coming. They know you're pregnant and they know things are about to get a little different soon. So love them extra hard and start using words and phrases like "This is the baby's room Laila." , "This is the baby's swing Apollo." , "The baby will sleep here." etc.

TIP #4:

Bring a piece of baby clothing/ or extra blanket to the hospital with you! This way someone can take it back to the house after baby has used it to let the dogs smell it prior to bringing your newborn home. We did this with a swaddle Jr. had used and my husband took it for the dogs to smell while repeating the word "baby" before we went home.

TIP #5:

When you first come home from the hospital, walk into the house and put the baby down in the bassinet. Walk straight over to your dog and give them so much love! They are wondering where you have been for so long and personally I think they missed you and like to know that you're ok! Let them smell you, give them a treat, and tell them there is someone you would really like them to meet! (Yes, I am a poet now!) Let your dog see the baby and maybe smell his/her toes and that is all!

TIP #6:

NEVER leave your baby unattended with your dog. It doesn't matter how much you trust your dog. Your baby may do something new or to the dog that they are unaware of. Which may startle your pup. Just know its a new situation for everyone so lets play it safe but also relax. Remember both your dogs and your baby will feed off of your energy!

Hope this helped and thank you for reading!!!!!! If you loved it please let me know and/or comment or ask any questions!

~Mama Rocki ❤️

Jr and Laila

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