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BABY #2!

Hey everyone! Its been awhile, I know! But we are so excited to be expecting baby #2! Our family of three, will soon be four! We started planning this second baby in the beginning of the year; and it was so funny the second time around, you just know you are pregnant lol. The test is simply a confirmation of what you already knew! But we were so excited again! We will find out soon the gender and waiting is so tough! We are due around December 15th give or take a day depending when little one wants to come out! We will reveal the gender in 2 weeks with our family!

It will be interesting to see how Jr. reacts to the new little one! It is a bit overwhelming knowing there will be two of these little rascals running around, however I think DJ and I are up for the task. Exploring the world of two car seats and a double stroller should be fun right??? lol Nonetheless we are excited! If any moms out there want to drop a comment and let me know the must haves with a newborn and toddler I am listening! Woohoo lets do this!

~Mama Rocki ❤️

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