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6 Must-Haves for the first 3 months with baby...

Being a new mom can be really scary! Especially if you're not the one in the family that took care of all the younger siblings and cousins. Thankfully I was! I am the oldest in my family, HOWEVER.. that doesn't mean anything when it comes having your very own newborn baby!

I was still scared, nervous, and anxious but most of all excited! There are so many products out there to choose from and of course we all want the best product for our LO's! Here were my top 5 products that I used the most the first 3 months for both baby and mom!

These are my MUST HAVES for both mom and baby! (They are not listed in any kind of order here because I couldn't imagine not having one!

  • Milkies Milk Savers!

I loved loved loved this product! Breast milk is like liquid gold and you don't want any of it to go to waste! This product is so easy and effective. You simply place it on the breast that baby is not feeding on and it saves the milk that leaks out when feeding!

  • Baby Bjorn Bouncer

This bouncer was such an amazing item to have around the house! It was great when I needed put the baby down for any reason; such as using the restroom! It is easily transportable and so light to carry.

  • The Boppy

The baby loves his boppy!! Literally have used this product for him since Day 1! We even took it to the hospital! It is great for both mom and baby with so many different options to use it for! Also you can buy different covers for the pillow for convenient cleaning!

  • Natal Nourish

This little gem was a savior when I thought my milk supply had started going down when I went back to work and started training myself again. It helped boost it back up and worked really well! I bought it off amazon!

  • A Baby Swing

Now there are so many different versions of the "baby swing" whichever one you choose to get, please just get one. It doesn't have to be super fancy or expensive. But this product has come in handy those first 3 months. He took so many naps in the swing and the motion kept him comfy and asleep longer.

(This just happens to be the one I have and theres nothing super fancy about it but he loved it!)

Well I hope this helped you mamas-to-be OR anyone out there looking to get a mom a gift that they may not have already!

~Mama Rocki❤️

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