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Mom Life...Week #1

So yesterday marks one whole week of being a mama! This week has seriously flew by! Life has already changed so much! I am going to be an amazing multi-tasker thats for sure! Lol For example: I am breast feeding as I type this out with one hand. So worth it! 😉

My little nugget was born at 8:10am weighing 7.8 pounds and 21 inches long. He surprisingly did not lose any weight his first week. I have just been breastfeeding and apparently that is amazing that he didn't lose weight like most babies! My supply is really high and I am making sure to stay very hydrated. Because this little guy sure can eat!

This first week has been really something. Just when you thought your body couldn't be any have more cramps (that feel like the start of contractions all over again); the healing process begins; and then your boobs start leaking like a broken water faucet and no matter how many pads you put in the way to stop it...milk still ends up everywhere on everything lol. A couple times I thought baby D wet himself but no that was me accidentally leaking on him. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Poor kid. lol Sleeping is done in tiny segments, eating is done quickly, and the kisses given out are endless.

Aside from the new exhaustion that everyone warns you about, all of it doesn't matter because this cute little human is MINE and he is literally the meaning of love at first sight!

I could stare at him all day!

Have a great day! If anyone has questions for me please do ask!

~Mama Rocki

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