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Being Prepared for Parenthood...whatever that means...

DJ and I are so excited to be "mom and dad" and to meet our son! We try to be prepared as possible for life even though some things you will never actually be prepared for; and that is what truly makes life interesting! A book can't teach you EVERYTHING you need to know on being a parent. However, if you are like me and have to know everything there is possible, well then these are the books for you! The "What To Expect.." books are amazing and give such great info both for the mom and dad-to-be!

As you can see DJ is really thrilled about what he is reading! 😂 This book gives great step by step details on the process of pregnancy and body changes. Both of these books give such great insight on what each of you will be going through and I think its always nice to have a heads up. Not to mention the dads may not fully understand whats happening until they hear or read it from someone else..which explains the look on DJ's face! We relate to the books so much. Which also makes them fun to read as you go through pregnancy! Sometimes I read a little further on and it just makes me all the more excited for the little guy to be here.

We can only prepare ourselves so much for the future. At some point we just have to say "Well we will just have to wait and see..." and that is totally ok! DJ always laughs at me because I google and research practically everything. I can't help it. But thank goodness I have him to balance me out. So we may not be fully ready (is anyone ever really ready for this lol) but we are not clueless! Thanks to these books, we have a pretty good understanding on what we are going through currently and whats to come. As for when baby gets here, and what ACTUALLY happens; now thats another story. I believe for that, I will be writing my own book. 📚

Have an amazing Monday guys!

~Mama Rocki ❤️

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