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The time has finally come and you and your partner have decided to start on this crazy journey called "starting a family." It is both exciting and scary! Well I would have to say more exciting than scary!

DJ and I have chosen to start our family and we could not be more excited about our future son! We already have two dogs that have actually been the true start to our family. Lets be real they are apart of the family! The arrival of our son will just be the icing on the cake. If I had any advice on starting a family it would be to make sure that you are both on the same page and have considered all of the things that come with raising a child. Although no one is really ever "ready" there are ways to be more prepared than some!

Just a few of the many Family Preparation (things to talk about first):

1) Finances

2) Child Care

3) Time off work

4) How will you tell family and friends the great news!

5) Health Insurance for you and baby

6) Living Arrangement


Each family and each couple have different lives and way of living. Therefore making sure your significant other and yourself are on the same page are super important. It is not going to be anyone else's responsibility; therefore how you two communicate is key. After all bringing in another life to join the party is a pretty BIG BEAUTIFUL deal!

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