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Life is all about balance...

Balance life? Its crazy to think about trying to balance life before a kid and now that I am about to have one...lets just say I am rethinking my entire life schedule lol. Below you will see a photo of my morning. Between planning for work (the normal) I am now currently planning for a baby and wedding! Talk about an overload! But I wouldn't have it any other way!

I am usually a very organized person, key word usually. I can't stand clutter and I love writing things down. I have every color highlighter and enough pens and pencils for a kindergarten classroom. However, lately with the pregnancy and engagement my life feels like it has been thrown for a loop and I actually have come to the realization that its okay. Kids are going to change my life forever and I am totally ready to be NOT-ready (if that makes any sense). I can't stop what life has in store for me but I can help change what I do each and every day.

I can only imagine what life is going to be like in approximately 104 days... Then I'll have my newborn to help me plan the wedding 😂! we will see how that goes. But hey isn't that what grandmas are for? 👀 Everyone can say over and over again get used to the time you have now and honestly I am always so busy that it never really is "me" time. But hey if that becomes less the only person worth taking the little bit of me time I do have is this son of mine! He can have it all...and he will lol.

Life is crazy and I know it will get even crazier. DJ and I are as ready as we ever will be. Because in all honesty are you ever really "ready" for life? I think life is more about adapting and overcoming whatever the universe chooses to throw at you. So my new plan is to; yes organize as much as I can, but not stress about it. I will use my daily tips and pray that at least that helps me be prepared just a little bit more than I was yesterday.

Some of my tips to TRY and stay organized:

  1. Write things down! I love that smart phones now can remind you to do pretty much anything, however I still find it so much easier to track life through my planner!

  2. Set more than one reminder! If it is important and has a deadline remind yourself more than one time, in more than one spot. (planner, phone, tablet, colorful post it on fridge).

  3. Do NOT stress. I have found that stressing makes me forget. Not just forget what you are stressing about but it helps me to forget other things I needed to remember! lol

  4. Try planning your week ahead of you on Sunday. All the time.

  5. Keep smiling. Life happens and sometimes there is really nothing you can do about it!

Thats all for today! Enjoy your Friday!!

~ Mama Rocki ❤️

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