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"Mommy and Me" Bootcamps!

Hi Moms! Excited to announce that we have had our second "Mommy and Me" Bootcamp this week! We are having so much fun out in the sun, with our babies and new friends! I wanted to create an ALL LEVEL class that focused on toning and calorie burning exercises all while incorporating your little one! It is so hard to workout after having a baby let alone have any friends! So this is a great way all of us moms can get together and bond!

The babies love being outside and moving around the majority of the class. Keep in mind this is a judgment free zone and we are all moms, so we all understand how being a mom can be! Feeding, changing, crying, fussing...we know it all so if it happens during the workout don't sweat more than you already are 😉! We all don't mind!

Lastly, you do NOT have to be a mom to join us! I have weights to offer and also it is a really good workout just in general without any extra weight! So if you have any questions for me and would like to sign up please email me at: .

Hope to see you all out there one day!

~Mama Rocki ❤️

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