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Snacking: Do's and Dont's!

Hey Guys!

Do you love to snack?! Because I know I love to snack. There is always a time in the middle of the day where I am hungry but not big meal hungry. I just need something to hold me over! What to eat... what to eat?! Well here are some of my main snacking do's and dont's!


  • Organize your pantry and fridge! Bring all of the healthy foods to the front so that they are the first items you see.

  • Tell yourself what you CAN have and not what you CAN'T have. (cravings come out of nowhere when you know you can't have something)

  • Portion out all snacks! Zip lock baggies! Use them! They are not just for left overs, use them to help as portion control! You do not need the whole bag of anything!

  • Balance! Balance out what you are eating. Never cut yourself off from things that you love but there is a healthy way and an unhealthy way!


  • Stop counting calories for everything! If you are simply trying to lead a healthier lifestyle and make changes that will stick, you do NOT always need to count calories or worry about them as much.

  • Do not grocery shop while hungry! You will buy some snacks or treats that you do not need because they are fast and you are starving!

  • Do not automatically think that eating healthy is sooooooo expensive because it doesn't have to be! I always go to the store and buy whatever veggies/fruits/carbs/fats (yes I eat all the food groups) are on sale at that time!

  • Do not eat for boredom... eat for nutrition! Eat foods that are going to serve a positive purpose on your body and health.

If you would like more help on how to balance out your diet or have any questions about what you should or should not do please ask below or email me at: !

~Mama Rocki❤️

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