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Some 3rd Trimester Fun...

Hey guys! So I have about 7 weeks till my due date! Time has been flying by! I can't believe it is almost time, and honestly I am ready! I finally hit the point where I am ready for him to come out already lol! But I know we still have some time.

Working out has gotten a little harder. I just have to remember not to over do it and push myself to hard because its not like me to "take it easy". I continue to keep moving as much as I can which in the long run I know will be better for both me and baby!

Oh and the waddling!!!! I officially waddle lol; especially when I am tired. Men (if you're even reading this) and women if you don't know the reason of "the waddle"welp I finally know. It is not just because you are carrying a bowling ball in your uterus and you have to waddle to keep it up lol. It is because our pelvic bones are stretching 😳. Yes that feeling is not fun and I think on my top list of dislikes or discomforts for me. Everyone is different but man that pain really sucks. lol

One recent perk of the third trimester ummm photo shoots! Because after all of the pregnancy details that are not that fun; it truly is a beautiful process. My good friend and photographer Ricky Gaisie a.k.a. @oneclickrick captured this beautiful moment and many others of me and my bump ❤️.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!

~Mama Rocki ❤️

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