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That moment you realize putting on your socks is hard...

So this happened to me just this week. I was bending over to put on my socks and boom it hit me. My bump that is! I couldn't believe it. What was once such a simple task has now gotten more difficult each day. It is interesting, this feeling of having a little human inside. I can just picture him thinking "Mom you're squishing me!"; haha oh boy. So I have resulted in the sit down and cross my leg on top of the other routine. Which works fine lol! Thank goodness for flexibility right?!

Stretching and being flexible have seriously playe

d such an important role in my pregnancy thus far and I am sure are just going to be more and more important down the rode. Although as summer approaches and the weather starts to change I do believe I will be saying "Forget the socks! I'll wear my flip flops!" lol

(For those of you who are not pregnant stretching should still be into your daily routine.)

Stretching Tips:

Use a BAND! Using a band has helped me a lot as my bump begins to grow and grow! Since my bump is now in the way, it helps me obtain the reach I was once used to having without putting any strain on my little nugget.

  1. Use the wall! Using the wall (any wall) in my house or at the gym is great for my back when stretching.

  2. Breathing! I know it sounds silly but remembering to breathe is so important. Controlled deep breathes when stretching are so important. During your exhale deepen into your stretch.

  3. Remember not to bounce when stretching rather hold the stretch. Hold each stretch 10-15 seconds. I like to repeat each muscle 3 times.

  4. Do not rush stretching and I love to stretch both before and after my workouts.

Well that is all for today! Hope you all enjoy your Sunday!

~Mama Rocki ❤

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