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This is what everyone kept trying to tell me...

Hey guys! I am now 35 weeks pregnant and definitely OVER IT! I feel like it happened over night lol. One minute pregnancy isn't so bad and the next you're wondering if you will ever sleep comfy again. I would like to say for the most part my pregnancy has been great! I have continued to workout and work as much as I could. Always keeping in mind not to push myself too hard. I have had to dial back some which is fine! It is after all for the best reason in the world!

But...this is what everyone kept trying to tell me..this third trimester is not fun. I have offically checked out lol. Ten months is a long time to be pregnant. Sleep deprivation is a REAL thing! No matter which way I turn, it is extremely hard to get comfy. One thing I have been starting to do in order to help my body and mind relax is having some organic chamomile tea at night and asking the good ol' fiancé to rub my back! DJ sees me in pain so he knows that it helps me relax before bed. Because lets be real..he knows that if I don't sleep neither does he lol. So I guess we are BOTH sleep deprived but only one in physical pain 🙋🏽‍♀️😂.

As far as training for myself I have slowed down a bit. The weight has gotten lighter and reps a little higher and the rest time in between each set A LOT longer! Which I thought I would be frustrated by in the past thinking about it. When actually listening to your body is KEY! I know my limits and I know when to say okay thats enough for today.

I have grown to love my body through this entire process. Pregnancy is not easy and everyone has there own insecurities about it. I am choosing to love myself, flaws and all. I know I can not fully control what is happening to my body but by blocking out negative thoughts and comments from people about being pregnant I am able to find the beauty in all of it. It is an incredible process, enjoy it mama!

P.S. My top annoying things to hear when pregnant and my response to them. Things to keep in mind for those of us that are not pregnant! lol:

  • Them: You look like you're going to pop. Me: As do you, but I don't think you're pregnant.

  • Them: How do you feel? Me: Pregnant. I feel pregnant.

  • Them: You look tired. Awe, you must be so tired. Me: No actually I am fine considering I got 20 minutes of sleep last night. OF COURSE I AM TIRED, I am creating life while trying to live my own.

  • Them: You better get your sleep now! Me: I don't sleep anyways. ( When really I would love to say a million things to this person about this comment lol)

  • Them: You still haven't had the baby yet?! Me: Obviously not 😒.

  • Them: OMG! I have to tell you what happen during my traumatic birthing/pregnancy... Me: Stop! Hold it right there because I don't want to hear it, I'll pass thanks though! (Unless I ask you, don't tell me.)

~Mama Rocki

It says "Due In July" I am really okay with a June baby instead! lol

Photograph by: Ashley Wafer IG: @a.listphotography

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